Loop Cold Storage is a third-party logistics company offering a full range of refrigerated warehousing and distribution services to fresh produce importers and frozen food distributors. Since 1981, Loop has operated as a public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) in McAllen, Texas.

In 2000, Loop initiated distribution services geared towards importers of fresh produce from Mexico. Today, Loop Fresh Produce now operates from 103,000 square feet of cooler space.

Our ability to provide frozen and fresh produce companies in Mexico and the US with comprehensive distribution programs is enhanced by state of the art technology including bar coding and scanning, EDI, and account reporting tools accessible over the internet. This insures inventory accuracy and provides customers with real time access to account activity and transaction data.

Through Embassy Packing Inc. (EPI), we also offer a custom repackaging service for fresh produce and frozen food companies. As a fully integrated service provider, Loop and EPI come together to create an ideal platform for efficient supply chain execution.